Joe McClash - "The People's Voice"
On February 17, 2012 Joe filed to run for reelection. 
With the help of volunteers, Joe was able to get his name on the ballot by collecting over 2100 signatures.

On August 14th Joe lost by only 494 votes.

It was a race filled with negative mailers, phone calls, and even a TV ad against Joe. Joe held to his principals of being honest and did not send one attack mailer. It appears some want to win at any cost, even if they cordinate a campaign of lies. The money behind the attacks mostly came from one developer that hid behind a PAC. After 22 years Joe has a record to be proud of and thanks all those who supported his efforts.
Joe McClash- "The voice of reason"
Endorsed by The Bradenton Herald , Herald Tribune, Sierra,and the Manatee Coalition for Responsible Government

Vote for Joe and help us win August 14th!

Warning about "Take Back Our Governement" negative attacks:The funds can be traced to where developer from Miami named Carlos Beruff’ has his businesses. Joe has refused to be a rubber stamp for his developements. One developer being a political bully!
Dirty politics bought a seat on the Commission. We need election reform!
Serving as a County Commissioner since 1990, Joe McClash has been called “The voice of reason on the Board”.
His passion to do what is right is a refreshing change to someone serving in elected office. He has been an advocate to protect our environment and has creative ideas like a local economic stimulus idea called the “Port Encouragement Zone”.

Joe is pro-life and has a record of protecting the unborn. He has never supported funding for abortion or Planned Parenthood( read article).
He has fought hard to represent your voice in Manatee County. As a business owner he has brought his business experience to many issues, holding our government accountable.
Joe has the dedication, commitment and experience to continue to lead this County. As a business person Joe has experienced the same pain of the recession currently affecting many of us. He knows how important it is to get this economy energized. Serving on the Manatee County Port Authority, it is his goal to take advantage of new trade opportunities when the new Panama Canal is completed in 2014. He wants to use our Port as an economic catalyst to diversify our economy and create new jobs.
Please vote for Joe August 14th.
He is the candidate that has the experience to lead and has proven to be a person we can trust.
Commissioner McClash was born in Astoria, New York in 1957.
He and his wife since 1980 have two children.
Religion: Catholic
Leadership Manatee Graduate
Past President Parish Council of Sacred Heart Church
Member of the Knights of Columbus
Member of Bradenton Kiwanis Club
Coached soccer for 15 years
Past Commodore and Fleet Captain of Manatee Sailing Association
Bradenton Yacht Club – Commodore, 2008 – 2009
Fleet Captain of Sail, Served as a Director and held the positions of Vice and Rear Commodore
Military Service
Four (4) years, United States Marine Corps., 1975-1979, Honorably Discharged
Business Experience
Owner of McClash Heating & Cooling from 1982-2002. Purchased at the of age 24. Current owner of McClash Rentals, Inc., and The Bradenton Times, Inc.
Public Service
Manatee County Board of County Commissioners  First Elected 1990 to District 7 Countywide Seat Chairman, 2000-2001, 2006
Manatee County Port Authority - Chairman, 2003, 2007, 2008
Manatee County Civic Center Authority - Chairman, 2011
West Coast Inland Navigation District, 1995 – 2010 - Chairman, 1996-1998; 2001-2002
Environmental Action Commission, 1992-1995 - Chairman, 1993
Tourist Development Council - Chairman, 1991; 1994; 2002-2009
Sarasota/Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization, since 1991 - Chairman, 1994; 1996; 2000; 2004
Tampa Bay National Estuary Program, since 2002
Other Information
Bradenton Yacht Club - Commodore, 2008 – 2009
Hobbies - Sailing, Diving, Kayaking, Fishing, Flying , Cooking
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