Why keep me as your County Commissioner?
  • My historical knowledge helps save tax dollars and make this a safer community.
  • I use my business experience to help our government be more responsive and efficient.
  • I initiated a Repetitive Crime function of County Government to stop the gangs, crime and drug dealing that plague communities. Communities are safer and this concept has given communities a commitment from the County to break the cycle of crime.
  • I have protected the environment. I led the fight against the world’s dirtiest fuel Orimulsion, canned the dirty experimental garbage composting system of Americycle, created wetland avoidance rules for developers, fought off landfills, and worked with FPL to retrofit their power plants to reduce harmful pollutants.
  • I have led the way to buy environmental lands such as Riverview, Robinson, Neal and Perico preserves, protecting and creating habitaits for future generations.
  • I held the line on taxes, making sure developers’ impact fees are increased to pay for infrastructure so existing residents do not have to subsidize new developments.
  • Provided leaderships to insure we have a master plan for our transportation infrastructure. I am often looked at as an expert in transportation and have worked to provide a new model for concurrency to avoid congestion.
  • I have been honest, and dedicated to insure your voice is represented.
  • I have worked to create jobs to diversify our economy.
  • I have worked to create new Parks for our growing community.
Community Involvement: Past Commodore of Bradenton Yacht Club, Past commodore of Manatee Sailing Association, Past president of Parrsh Council of Sacred Heart Church, coached soccer for over 15 years, coached baseball, served on other community boards including 13 Avenue Community Center.
  • Honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps
  • Licensed Certified Heating and Cooling; and Solar Contractor in State of Florida
  • Commercial pilot license and Instrument rated for single engine also holds seaplane rating (inactive Flight Instructor)
  • Business: Own and operate over 130 rental units and 15,000 square feet of commercial space. Employing an average of 4 people. Owner of The Bradenton Times,inc.
  • Hobbies: Sailing, flying,diving, boating, fishing, kayaking
Campaign Discussion
Manatee County; a place we call home, is a great place to live. I am proud to have served as your Commissioner since 1990. My decisions over those years have provided for enhanced services keeping our community a place we want to call home. I am asking for your vote to allow my experience to continue guiding critical policy decisions. The election for District 7 is Countywide, the first step is the primary election on August 14th. Only Republicans can vote in the primary. If you want to vote early you can vote from August 4th - 11th at the Supervisor of Elections Office located at 600 301 Blvd. W., Suite 108 Bradenton FL.
After graduating Manatee High School at 17, I joined the United States Marines for 4 years and then worked for McClash Heating & Cooling. I purchased that business in 1982 at age 24. I sold that business and now own and manage over 130 rental properties. I make a payroll every week, I deal with rising insurance, taxes and adapt to an ever changing economy. Just like my business has had to adapt, I can assure you that our county government has adapted to meet new challenges. I have kept my pledge to make sure the county operates more like a business. It is evident by the facts our taxes, water, sewer, and garbage rates are the lowest in the region. It is not by accident, it is through leadership. County employees were asked to do more with less. I am glad to report they became more efficient, and take exceptional pride in serving your needs every day. Notice our roads are not filled with potholes, our environment is protected, Tampa Bay has the best water quality since the 1950’s. Our waste water plants do not discharge wastewater into our bays, our beaches have been maintained, buildings were built for our growing community. We even capture methane gas from our landfill and wastewater plants to produce electricity; saving money while protecting the environment.
These took good business decisions, good policies, and good investments to insure the future success of our County. I am proud of this County. I will continue to fight for our residents over developers who want to change us to look like Miami. I will insure developer impact fees pay for their needed infrastructure, so existing residents don't. I will work to bring needed jobs to our County.
I ask for your vote to use my experience and passion to keep Manatee County a place we want to call home.
Thank You!

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