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We appreciate the courage you have in standing up for citizens and the environment and think your re-election is absolutely crucial in Manatee County.
Joe I have followed you and can only wish that more of my friends would watch the government TV channel like I have. No way am I bored with my life. It became so very clear that most all of the things that effect home owners happen on the county commission. When I said that I know that every thing that happens is not going to please me but you really do get it and have shown me over the years that you have so many things that others just don't. Common Sense! If anything defeats you it will be that most voters are just so sick of those that have served for a long time and will want a change. One very important thing , our port what a thrill it is every time I ride out that way. So many jobs and money from everything that it effects.
After spending countless hours in Commission meetings, listening to all of types of issues, I have found Commissioner McClash to be a man of integrity who approaches his role in a fair and balanced manner. Contrary to some of his peers, he is not in the pocket of any special interest groups or developers, and refuses to accept campaign contributions from them.
In my opinion Joe McClash has done more to help the Parrish area over the past several years than any other County Commissioner. He listens and even more important he provides feedback and guidance when we are trying to get something done for Parrish. He was very instrumental in helping us get the North County Overlay approved several years ago and more recently he helped us get the Community Center/Y branch and new Library for Parrish. Both of these have had a tremendous positive effect on the lives of area residents and Joe also continues to work with us and support our efforts to get something done at the Railroad Museum and to revitalize the Village area. Because Joe has done so much for the Parrish area I think it is very important that we help him remain in office...We in Parkwood Lakes appreciate your the efforts in supporting our and neighboring communities.
We in Parkwood Lakes appreciate your the efforts in supporting our and neighboring communities.You deserve to be re-elected.
I recently learned you are officially running for theCounty Commissioners position again. Thank you for deciding to continueto serve. You have my full support, as well as many residents of Tara Golfand Country Club. We are appreciative of your stand with us opposingthe construction of the Honore Bridge and the widening of Tara Boulevard. Manatee County needs you to stay where you are.
 Joe you have the support from everyone in this county it doesn't matter what party they are everyone likes Joe. As I said when I ran last year, I am for Term Limits but in your case there is always the exception you have always had the interst of the county and it's people which is not always the case for others who are in your position. If there is anything I can do for you Please let me know, whatever it takes for you to continue your service to our county.

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