How the developers are behind the attack mailers and phone calls.
The postcards below are the negative ads sent out from Voter Response against Michael Gallen during the last week of the election in 2010.
All of these were funded by developers that hide behind a scheme that use several organizations, so these same developers can claim they had no control of how the money is used. The flow of money went from the developers to Mike Bennett’s organization called Citizens for Housing & Urban Growth and then to Voter Response who funded these negative post cards in 2010. It was also done in previous elections along with those negative phone calls. This political bullying is done only to gain control so developers have their rubber stamp approvals.
Another way to determine the true identity is to look at who is paying for the postage.
In these pieces Rickland Direct from Virginia is on the postage stamp for all three pieces. This election Rickland Direct is on the campaign pieces for Larry Bustle, Mike Benett and Betsy Benac. Their campaigns are funded almost 100 percent by developers. Coincidences?

Rickland Direct is also mailing the negative pieces on Joe McClash. The money can be traced back to the address of Medallion Homes owned by Carlos Beruff, a developer using Take Back our Government to hide his true identity.
When our local businesses need all the help they can get these same candidates that are talking about local jobs ship their campaign money outside our county to Rickland Direct in Virginia. Just wrong!
Don’t be fooled by a few developers who want to profit from a vote on the Commission over the best interest of the community.
These unethical campaigns, misleading voters, should concern all of us!
Vote for Joe, who represents you over special interest.

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