Thank you for considering a donation to Joe McClash. He considers it an honor to serve this community.
Your donation will help us get the message to the voters in Manatee County.
The Primary Election takes place August 14th. It is important to remind people to vote and insure our message gets out that Joe McClash is the “Voice of the People”, and we need to keep him in office.
If you like living in Manatee County, you can thank Joe for his leadership in protecting what so many communities have lost. If he is going to win this election he needs your help with a donation of any amount. He has refused donations from developers so he is counting on a grass roots campaign with donations from those that want to help maintain Manatee County as a place we will always be able to all home
The limit is $500 for a doantion. Thanks again for your consideration of a doation.
Thank you for considering to donate. The time period is closed to donate for the Primary.

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