If you are looking at this page you may find yourself undecided in my race.
Here are some quick facts why you should vote for me.
  • I worked hard and obtained over 2100 signatures to place my name on the ballot. My opponent used developer’s money to fund paying to get her name on the ballot. If you buy your way on the ballot how conservative can you be?
  • I ran a clean campaign and focused on the issues. My opponent and her supporters targeted me with a wave of negative attack mailers; lying about my record. If they lie to get into office you cannot trust them?
  • I have been endorsed by several organizations including, The Bradenton Herald , Herald Tribune, Sierra Club, and the Manatee Coalition for Responsible Government for various reasons. Some reasons include my knowledge, the ability to protect our quality of life and an advocate for our citizens over the special interest.
  • The bottom line is developers want a rubber stamp on the board. I believe you should come first and deserve the best representation. I will fight for you to keep taxes low, create jobs, keep Manatee County a place you want to call home and most of all insure we keep our community safe.
  • Some believe in term limits. I decided last time I ran to do my own form of term limits. I decided to let the voters decide. I hardly spent $1,000 to run a Countywide race and won. I have high standards and have a proven record of a person you can trust.
Please vote for me tomorrow.
Thanks Joe McClash

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